Organic Farming









  • No synthetic fertilizers or pesticides

  • No GMO's (genetically modified organisms)

  • No antibiotics

  • No synthetic growth hormones

  • No irradiation

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Your Farmers









We have been practicing organic farming techniques since 2012.  Our primary goal is to provide accessible, local, fresh, quality produce that is grown with minimal environmental impact.

Beyond the confines of the farm, we strive to foster meaningful connections between consumers, their food, and the hands that grew it. Our belief is that healthy eating, sustainable farming practices, and strong community bonds will result in positive changes to our food systems.

We hope this thinking will result in more New England farms and a stronger regional food economy where communities and farms support each other through shared values and dollars.

Toby Fischer

Owner & Farm Manager


Noah Patrone-Werdiger 

Assistant Farm Manager

Gentle Giant Farm


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85 School St.

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