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What is a CSA farm box?

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a mutually beneficial relationship between a community and its farmers. Participants, also known as members or shareholders, provide advance funding for the farmer in exchange for a weekly share of produce during the growing season. CSAs provides crucial support to farmers outside of the peak growing season. It also offers members a unique relationship with their local farm and their food. 

Custom Summer CSA Farm Shares

All of our farm shares are 100% customizeable which means that you get exactly what you want when you want it and in the quantities you want.  Memberships work on a store credit system where you "spend down" your credit over the length of the season.   The value of each individual item you receive in each weeks boxes is deducted from your credit taking the guess work out of the value you are getting each week.   All  credit must be used by the end of each season to allow us to plan correctly and budget for the coming season.


Once the CSA starts you will get a weekly email from us with what we have chosen for that weeks farm share.  If you like what we have picked you do not need to take any further action.  However if there is something you want more of or something you want less of you can change it for your share.  Additionally you will be able to add on items above what we have chosen in case you need extras of any given item for a special recipe or event.  Memberships can also be paused during vacations and pick up locations changed all via your customer login.


Our goal for the farm share is to provide a variety of staple vegetables along with a small selection of more unusual produce. We also include our certified organic value added products (marinara sauce, crushed tomatoes and salsa) made for us by a local company with our produce.  The medium share is good for families or an  individual who eat lots of produce.  Large shares are good for those who eat mainly a plant based diet or have a large family that eats produce regularly every week.   The size of each individual share will vary with the seasons, smaller in spring and fall and larger in mid summer and you will be able to make sure each weeks share is the exact size you need by customizing it on a weekly basis.  CSA membership is a non-refundable commitment to share both the rewards and the risks of farming, crop availability, variety and quantity cannot be guaranteed.


Three Box Sizes for 2019

Splitting a share with a friend or family member is easy with our customization program.

Share for two: $35.00 of produce each week. 

This share is designed to be split by two households and has 2 of each item.


Sample Early Summer Box Contents:

2 Cucumber: 1 pound

2 Squash: 1 pound

2 Salad Mix: 1/2 pound

2 Carrots: 1 Bunches

Medium Box: $25.00 of produce each week

Good for couples who eat plenty of produce or small families who eat a limited amount of produce.

Sample Early Summer Box Contents:

Cucumber: 1 pound

Squash: 1 pound

Herb: 1 bunch

Cooking Greens: 1 bunch

Salad Mix: 1/2 pound

Scallions: 1 Bunch

Radish: 1 Bunch

Carrots: 1 Bunch

Large Box: $32.00 of produce each week

Good for individuals who eat plenty of produce or families who eat a regular amount of produce.

Sample Early Summer Box Contents:

Cucumber: 1.5 pounds

Squash: 1.75 pounds

Herb: 1 bunch

Cooking Greens: 1 bunch

Salad Mix: 1/2 pound

Scallions: 1 Bunch

Radish: 1 Bunch

Carrots: 2 Bunches

  • Due to increased prices for distribution, packaging and technology we have a $2 weekly fee for all shares in 2019.

  • DELIVERED : New Haven, Hamden and surrounding towns on a case by case basis.

 Fall Options:

Our fall CSA runs for 9 weeks from October to December. The shares are comprised of mainly cool weather leafy greens and root crops.  Additionally you get 1 case (12 jars in any combination you want) of either our crushed tomatoes or tomato sauce.  The shares are ready for pickup on Wednesdays but due to the nature of the fall shares, mainly hardy crops, they can be picked up from Wednesday @ 1:00pm until Saturday @ 7:00pm in either Middlefield.  Delivery is also available on Thursdays.

  • DELIVERED :  New Haven, Hamden and surrounding towns on a case by case basis.

CSA Policy

We try our best to get you what you want when you want it.  However, farming does involve risks and unpredictable weather which we have limited control over.  On that note we can not guarantee quantities or availability of specific crops at specific times, however we do try our best to make it all available all the time.  CSA memberships are non-refundable but you can transfer or sell them to someone else if the CSA does not work for you.  CSA credits must be spent in that season.  We will not offer refunds or transfer for unspent funds  All off farm individual weekly shares must be picked up the day they are delivered, quality of produce and share availability not guaranteed after day of delivery.

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